Figured Hardwood Species

Claro Walnut

Claro Walnut:

Famously known as one of the World’s most beautiful figured hardwood, Juglans Hindsii, native west coast walnut species originally used as rootstock in California’s English walnut orchard trees. Gaining it’s nickname “Claro” and used mainly for rifle stocks. Today, however, many dealers in western walnut refer to all stock as Claro to differentiate itself from its more common eastern cousin. Outside of California’s walnut groves, many ungrafted trees grow entire logs of Juglans Handsii. Northwest Timber provides western (Claro) walnut in random lumber graded from furniture grades to instrument quality. We offer Claro walnut Lumber, Billets, and Blocks.

Quilted Maple

Quilted Maple:

Quilted maple is an end grain figure that shows a circular pattern on flat sawn material. There are many terms that describe the shape and pattern of quilted maple. Aka popcorn, tubular, sausage, bubble wrap, angle step.

Curly Maple, Walnut, & Myrtlewood

Curly Maple, Walnut, and Myrtlewood:

Curly figure is horizontal lines that run perpendicular with the grain. There are many terms that describe the shape and pattern of curly aka. tiger, flame, fiddleback.



Growth on the tree that is irregular and without grain. The pattern is either eyes or rays depending on the angle of the burl when milled.



This hardwood species is only found on the Southern Oregon and Northern California Coast. It has a color range from blonde (like maple) to brown (like walnut). It is also common to find many colors in a log making a streaky (marble) look. Myrtlewood has curly, burl and marbled figuring. The curl with Myrtlewood has many faces. It can be big ribbons to tight fiddleback. It goes by many names; pepper wood, bay laurel; some may put California or Oregon with the name.

Curly Cherry

Curly Cherry:

This is the only species we import. It is Eastern figured cherry. The figure is called curly but has more of ribbon look or quilted circular pattern.

Port Orford White Cedar

Port Orford White Cedar:

This species of cedar only grows on the southern Oregon coast. Northwest Timber only buys old growth vertical grain material. Because of its hardness, purity and tonal qualities it is sought after by luthiers for sound boards. It is also common for Japanese temples and tubs. Because of its strength it makes a beautiful wood for furniture and it has rot resistant qualities common with cedars and makes beautiful, silver high-end outdoor furniture.


Figure will vary throughout block. Figure will be stronger on one side than the other.


Is graded with the idea that it will be resawn. Billets will yield fair consistency throughout the billet. Billets and Blocks are not milled on a mill but rather chainsawed on location for figure and luthiers dimensions.


Boards cut from a log on a mill in random widths and lengths. Northwest Timber carries musical instrument Billets and Lumber in Big Leaf Curly and Quilted Maple, Curly, and Marbled Claro Western Walnut, Curly and Marbled Myrtlewood. Northwest Timber never grades Spalted Maple as Musical because of its nature.

Kiln Dried:

Wood that has been dried in a kiln down to 7.5% moisture content.

Air Dried:

Wood that has been dried to 10% moisture content without use of kiln.

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