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In 1976, Lewis Judy and Toni Gilbert began a woodworking and stained glass studio in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Toni designed the furniture and built stained glass for the early projects while Lewis did the woodworking. Lewis and Toni had been in business for 15 years when they added three employees, three buildings, a wood drying kiln and eventually a gallery. One of those employees was Hector Santana, who brought woodworking and finishing expertise to the furniture making. In the early 90’s they closed the gallery and renamed the business Northwest Timber. During a wonderful period of rest, Lewis ran Northwest Timber with the phone and e-mail, eventually launching our website in 1995.

In 2003, Lewis and Toni’s adult daughter, Sara Judy joined Lewis in growing Northwest Timber into a multigenerational company. Sara stepped in as a sales and marketing representative and manages the website. In December of 2004, Northwest Timber launched its first items onto its online store, after 15 years and 6 store platforms we are still finding new ways to improve our product and service.

Throughout the years, Lewis’ woodworking background has proven invaluable in talking with clients about their project needs. His years of harvesting, drying Oregon walnut lumber, and then applying it to his own projects has given him a unique knowledge of how wood works and how it needs to be handled in order to result in stable, clean, and beautiful lumber.

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