Myrtlewood (All)

We have 3 grades, AAAA (4A), AAAAAA (5A), and Musical. We made up our own grading system, as there are no industry standards for grading figure, materials grade is mainly on intensity figure and then with the clarity and grain of the board. We grade our material once it is dried and surfaced.

AAAA is our “furniture grade” material. AAAA Maple and Myrtlewood will have light figure all over or light to bold figure sporadically all over the board or block. There will be areas where there is no figure, tight knots may also appear. AAAA Walnut and E. Cherry may have some sap wood, tight knots. Figure can wane in areas and material will be free of end checking.

AAAAA is a clear grade, free from surface and end checking, splits and cracks. This grade may have natural defect such as, burl eye or cluster, bird peck, pin knot. There is a swinging range in this grade. On the low end you will get intense deep figure with sporadic but aesthetically pleasing placement on the board. While on the high end it will be just one defect from Musical grade.

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  • 4A Striped Myrtlewood Block 7"1/2 X 58" X 2"3/4 (NWT-6217C)

    4A Striped Myrtlewood Block 7″1/2 X 58″ X 2″3/4 (NWT-6217C)

  • $127.00



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