Northwest Timber lumber company supplies exotic figured curly maple lumber
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Northwest Timber is an exotic wood supplier of curly maple figured lumber.


Hi Lewis:

Thought I'd touch base with you this morning about some wood that I'd like to add to inventory. Here's the scuttlebutt:
2 pcs. Curly Cherry
2 pcs. Quilted Maple

Please mill each board to 1-1/2" thick. Lengths can be 85"+ I will pay you per our usual method upon receipt of an Invoice.

I've attached some pics of young people at the Fleadh Cheoil music festival in August that were competing with my harps. It was great to meet them in person and to see how well they played.

Thanks a million,
Harp Wood
The slabs arrived today. My shipping manager said that the packaging was great. We will deliver them to our customer tomorrow. Thanks for the great service.

Curt Viehmeyer
Sears Trostel Lumber & Millwork

Hi Lewis!

Finally got that table built.


Maple Chest
To any potential customers,

Just completed my first transactions with NWT. They were wonderful to deal with. The boards were beautiful. There was a mix up with one board which was promptly corrected beyond expectation or necessity.

How refreshing to deal with an organization with real integrity. I recommend NWT to all woodworkers.

Thank you NWT staff!

Max Gray

Great talking with you as always. Thought you would like seeing a few of the 200 jewelry boxes I have made for domestic and international commissioned clients over the years. Kiko Box is the current one and is being produced for client in Japan out of musical grade birdseye maple from Nova Scotia and curly Clarno walnut from you. The curliest part of the piece I just purchased from you will be used for the "rising sun" circle in the front of the box. Hope you enjoy.

Rising Sun Box
Hi Judy,

I said I would send a picture of what it is I make, these are plinths for old English turntables called Garrard 301s. Thank you you very much for the great walnut, it looks stunning.

Bob Cusworth

English Turntables
Mr. Lewis Judy,

Sir, I would sincerely like to thank you. The quilted maple I recieved far exceeded my expectations. Not to mention that you took time from your busy day to flat joint the glue up sides at absolutley no extra charge. Kudos to you and your excellent, par none, team!

How does one know which is the glue up side?

Thanks again,
Charlie Lauffer

Rocking Chair
Al Swanson
Hi Sara, here is the table I finished the other day. Myrtle wood, Purpleheart, Spalted Birdseye Maple. Hope all is well with you guys.


Myrtlewood Table, Purpleheart, Saplted Birdseye Maple
English Walnut banister from tree last year installed.

Patrick T. Walters

Dear NWTimber Team,

I just wanted to say thank you for a flawless experience shopping with you. The over the phone service and help I received is eclipsed only by the beautiful pieces that arrived to my door. I knew the wood was going to be beautiful, but the pictures really don’t do them justice, they were far above my expectations. Thank you so much, I will be back for sure.

Best Regards,
Maurice Bouri


I just delivered "The Reeder Bay Table" designed and crafted around the pair of black cherry planks that I purchased from NW Timber. Pics are attached.

Gary A. Leake

Reeder Bay Table

Thanks for all the help today. I am excited now. I ended up substituting B454 for A347 which was the piece you had suggested for the base. I felt the color matched b4471 better. If I am off, feel free to let me know before you process the order. I have attached the two pieces I have built so far, the arts and crafts piece was the first and then I did the telephone table come hallway table. Both pieces were part of classes I took at Chicago School of Woodworking. Sorry about the flash. Anyways thanks again.

Kind Regards,

Telephone Table
These are 2 serving trays that Gilbert built out of your wood as wedding gifts for our 2 grand daughters who are getting married this summer.

Ruth Little

Serving Trays
Hi Lewis,

I just remembered that you wanted some pictures of the entry door in your Claro Walnut. The outside shot has the screen door off. Photos obviously taken right after installation, don’t know if I will ever get to see it with building finished.

Steve Turino (Builder)
Turino Furniture Design
Hank Gilpin (Designer)

Walnut Front Entry & Door

Thanks for looking for the rift sawn walnut. Here is a picture of the table I made that the chairs will go with. Thought maybe it would be helpful for a color match to the edge.

Rift Sawn Walnut

We talked a few days ago about your survey. At that time you asked if I could send a picture of some of my projects using your wood. I am sorry that the photo of the clock is not better.

Sam Bitler Mantel Clock and Serving Tray
Hi Lewis,

Just received the billet of angel step maple 4009B, and wow!

Not only is this the coolest figure, but it has to be the nicest piece I ever got with respect to its condition, even dimensions, flatness right out of the box, and how well it was wrapped for shipping.

Thanks a ton!

Thanks Chris
Maple Billet
Hey Lewis:

You had called about the myrtle wood I had purchased from you. So far I've made one cajon drum from the wood. I will be starting a second one shortly. I've included photos.

Cajon Drum Myrtlewood
Hey Sara!

This is the first set I've built from the Claro Walnut I got from you guys. Nice set! Nice wood, for sure!

Gun Handles - Claro Walnut
I received the quilted maple billet today. It was well packed, had the GORGEOUS figure as described on your website and you did a great job resawing. I was able to bookmatch the pieces right out of the box with no trouble at all.

I will be considering that extra thick curly maple billet after all.

Joe B.
Hello Sara,

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my harpsichord with you. The top and sides are veneered from a piece of your cherry lumber!

Jim Van Houten
Hiya Lewis and Co.!

I don’t recall if I remembered to send you snaps after the whirlwind build frenzy last Fall. Here are 3 shots of "Moon+Mountain 3" made from a special piece from you for the mountain profile back panel. It did yield 2 sets of thick veneers for 2 versions this one being the 2-part bleaching around the mountain for better “sap” contrast. Just dropped nearly $1k of down right emotional woods from your stock and thought I would say "Hi" and kudos.


MCX Design
Lewis and Sara,

Thank you for your personal attention, good advice and beautiful woods for helping to make my latest commission as good as can be. Would love it if you would consider posting this new piece on your web site and links. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

Brian McLachlan
McLachlan Design Studio

Swan Dining Set
Hello Lewis,

Not sure if you'll remember me or not but I came to your wood museum this summer, and you gave me a great tour. I'm the guy from Silverton, who is about your age and size. Actually, you're probably younger, and in better shape than me - oh well. I'm working on associating with a better caliber of clientele so I might get the opportunity to work with some of your fine wood. Right now I'm still building for family and deadbeat friends - only kidding. The rocker pictured went to some great friends who just loved it - made me feel terrific, and even paid me more than I asked. I told you I'd send some pictures, so here they are. Hope all is well in your world.
Take care.

Rod Stadmeyer
Rocking Chair
Hello Sara,

We received our order the other day and I just wanted to say, we are very happy with the how well it was packed, how fast it was shipped and of course the beautiful wood we received and how well it was prepared.

Thank you for everything,

Dale Muchowski
Taylor Made Furniture

Thanks for all the beautiful woods I have received over the past year. Attached are photos of your woods in the finished pieces. Maybe you can post some of them in your gallery.

Thank You,
Chris Siegmund
Siegmund Guitars

I just wanted to say thank you to you and your father for making our visit to your business last Friday afternoon. We really enjoyed ourselves. I am ordering an electric guitar making book from a Melvyn Hiscock who lives in England so I can study up on how to make one. From what I have been researching he's the guru of guitar making- we will see. I also have been checking out the blog sources you showed me on the web. My brother called on Saturday and was pea green with envy when I told him that we finally got to visit your shop. He had so many questions. He promptly signed up for your e-newsletter. Maybe he will start making amplifiers again!

I am getting ideas for the block of walnut I bought-can't wait to start carving something! I will have to show you when I get it done. In any case, I just wanted to say thank you - it was a lot of fun.

Dina Lindeck Rudy


Sorry it took so long, but here are some photos as promised. Here's how your gorgeous boards were employed.

Kevin Chambers
Amity, OR

Gorgeous wood & boards
Thanks for the wood Lewis!

Gazzell Chair John Arenskov


Got your message. Wood arrived – but you knew that. Yes it is very nice and if life would cooperate – it would be on my lathe now. I have found there are two great ways to bring more business into my company.
1. Plan a vacation
2. Order a hunk of wood to turn.
Thanks – your stuff is always as represented.

Daniel Quackenbush, PA
Quackenbush & Assoc. Inc.
Olathe, KS

Here is the jewelry box Gilbert just finished out of the wood that Kathei Hendrickson bought from you guys.

Ruth Little

Jewelry Box
Lewis; Due to computer problems and health issues, I have been delayed in getting information to you about the coffee table I made with your materials. The dimensions are 20 1/4"wide x 35" long x 1 3/4" thick. The walnut inlay is 1 1/4"wide. Each leg is 2 3/4"sq. and 17 3/4" high. The table is curly popcorn maple as you probably remember. Thank you for your patience in receiving the picture and information.

Don Eckberg

Small coffee table

As always thanks so much for the great service and outstanding selection. As requested here is a pic of the last build using your wonderful claro walnut. This is a 24 fret black walnut /ebony neck model, the body is black walnut with the claro walnut top from Northwest Timber. A curly koa center stripe is accented by Paua Abalone. TV Jones Classic/ Classic plus pickups Matster volume/ master tone and bridge volume controls in the Gretsch tradition. Joel Williams of the Reynolds & Williams band with it in action.
Thanks again!

James Tonguet
Greywolf Lutherie

James - Guitar
Hi Lewis,

Got your phone message. The board worked out great (see below).
Thanks for following up,

Michael Singer Fine Woodworking
Felton, CA

Michael Singer Board
The board of quilted maple arrived yesterday, it is absolutely stunning! Thank you for getting it to us so quickly!

Jan Jewell
Lewis, our timber arrived today, very pleased and thank you very much.

Russell Dodd


Thank you for your follow up telephone call on the sale. The wood arrived in good condition and was what I expected. However a few days later, I did locate a set of curly walnut lumber that I purchased and I'll use for my project including the lowboy top I bought your matched set for. Though I won't use the matched set for mt lowboy, I'll hold onto it for a future project.

Again, thanks for the sale and the follow up.



Here are some pics of instruments that were built with NW Timber woods. The orange colored bass is topped with Madrone, then we have spalted Maple, and the last two are both Burled Maple from the same billet. I can get close up shots of just the bodies if that would be better for your website.

Andrew Drake
Drake Custom Bass
Nevada, Iowa

Drake Custom Bass Guitars
Jewelry box that is 21 1/2 " wide- 16" high and 8" deep.
See how your wood brightens people's lives!!

Ruth Little
Jewelry Box
Hi Lewis:

Attached are some phots of the western curly maple/cherry buffet, I'll be getting in touch for materials for a small table and hutch for the buffet.

Thx Wayne Schottler

Ho!!!! Mi God Sara, I got the Maple today and you are right. It is more beautiful than in the picture. I'm so lucky (God was Argentinian) when I found that board. I'll send a photo when I have the Guitar finished. Thank you so much.

Pedro Argentinian, guitarist an luthier
White Plains, NY

I recently placed my first order for an instrument grade quilted maple billet. I just wanted to say thank you. It's so much nicer in person than in the picture...although it looked great in the picture! I look forward to doing future business and have recommended your site to some other local luthiers.

Shawn May

Hi Lewis,

We briefly spoke over the phone yesterday after I recieved some more walnut boards from you. I attached a couple photos to this message showing just what will happen with them. One photo is of the board as I recevied it, and the second is of the stock made with that board after I did my laminating work (it is for a specialized target rifle). Look closely and you can see a carbon fiber seam in the rear end of the stock. My customer is elated with the wood, so I am happy!

Evan Koch

Walnut Stock Rifle
Greetings; Just a quick thank you to let you folks know that I have received my package...item# NWT9297... I have received it quicker than I thought it would arrive and was away from the house when it arrived and my UPS driver put it in my shop, so I didn't realize it was delivered, otherwise I would have made contact sooner. It is a lot prettier than the pic could have ever shown so I am extra pleased, you have acquired a new customer and I will definitely be letting my fellow woodworkers know as to the quality and professionalism of your business.

Thank You and you will be hearing from me again soon....

Rick Voss
Behind the Bark
Harrison Idaho

I have been meaning to send you all a photo of the project I completed over last year with some curly cherry I purchased from you. I used the wood to construct a bathroom vanity for our remodeled bathroom. I think it turned out very nice, especially the legs which were made from a 6/4 board that was featured on your website. The figure in the cherry really stands out. Anyhow, if you have a place where you post photos of projects your customers used your wood for and want to post this photo, feel free to do so.

Thanks again. I will no doubt be talking with you again when I need another figured piece of wood for a special project.

Bob Nutter
Curly Cherry Wood
Hello Sara!

I received a package from you. Gorgeous wood. Excellent. I will buy from you again. Thank you so much!

Tatyana Laryuta, Moscow Russia
Hey Lewis, You followed up with me to see how the billet worked out. So here's some pics. I love this Axe!! Thank you!
Guitar - Touch
Hi Sara and Lewis,

Thanks for the follow up by phone Lewis, and yes we did get the wood all in perfect order. Plan on purchasing much more in the near future. Here are a few finish product photo of the wood I got from you. Have a great every day.

Steve Shatz Steve Shatz Box
Hello, Lewis and Sara,

My name is Mike Bartell. Early last Dec. , my wife Annie and I visited your store there in Jefferson and purchased a matched pair of spalted live edge slabs. I finally got around to doing something with them and I thought you might like to see. We really enjoyed our visit there and looking at all of your wonderful woods. I hope to be getting some more wood from you in the future.

Thanks, Mike

These quilted boards are life changing!!!! Thank you for allowing people in Wyoming to have such true beauty to work with!

One question, what method did you use to pop the figure on the boards? It is wonderful! I am guessing it has been popped because one side is so drastically different then the other. I usually use trans-tint water based dyes to enhance the figure. Is that what you all use?

I’ll be sure to advertise my wood source when I make my next masterpiece with these boards.

Thank you, Marshall
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your service. I ordered my wood on 4/30/13 and received it on 5/1/13. It is a beautiful piece of maple. Thank you again for restoring my faith in todays business. We will do business again.

Thank you, Lonnie
BoxHey Sara...I'm a relatively new customer and just received some spalted and quilted maple. Got the envelope, opened it and saw the brochure and this card! Just wanted to say as a customer that is a nice touch. Appreciate the prompt shipping also! Nice to see a company practicing some good customer will certainly make me return!

I'm a small time box builder and just love your wood selection. I started up a small business on the side and sell boxes...I have actually done better than I thought I would. Anyway, included is a pic of a recent creation w your spalted maple in it. Feel free to post in your customer creation area on your site and pass around my feedback.

Thanks again...John Dionne
Hi Sara and Lewis,

The board you just sent me is the nicest piece of walnut I've ever seen. Very expensive, and very worth it. One of these days I need to hold my nose and spring for some of your trophy boards to build boxes and cabinets from - for my own pleasure as much as a new front in the continued struggle to make a living in this tough economy.

Best, Al Ladd

It's true, You are GOD, that's what I said when I opened the amazingly assembled crate, revealing my precious koa. The Friggin wood came out perfect, you are an amazing woodcrafter! Just the right amount or scrap, and perfect thickness, Well worth the $$, (hope i didnt piss you off, as when you called, my wife had the good credit card, and I didn't know what it was gonna cost!). When I get some cash on my card, I have 2 blocks of flame maple for your expert, gentle touch, to resaw, this time I will wait till I have the $$!! Please refer me if you have any other pain in the ass customers who are in doubt of your magic touch, & I will tell them my story of shear pleasure with you and your skills.

Sincere regards, till we saw again,
Richard Beck, Wana-be luthier, Repair tech author.


Thanks for the recent shipment of quilted maple. Everything is spectacular. One question that I keep getting from people that see it is what causes this? My usual answer is that it is a defect in the wood. I can't provide an answer beyond that.

Do you have any idea what causes the quilting in maple? Do you have any idea how many trees in 1000 will contain the quilted figure? I'm guessing that quilting may be in part of a tree but not all of it, correct?

Thanks again.

Hi Lewis,

I got your message the other day, thanks for following up. I did receive the myrtle and walnut book match sets, and they look great. The maple you threw in the package is really nice too, much appreciated!


I just received the wood today. I have to say it's both beautiful and beautifully milled. You must keep your planer blades very sharp.

John Spivey

Thought you folks might want to see what I did with the boards I got last year! Not the best quality shots, but you'll get the idea. If you look closely at the "tree-like" shapes in the headboard plank (which I used every inch of), you can just make out the tooling a friend added to accentuate those shapes. He also worked on the Wenge screen that hide a flat screen tv. Will be looking for more soon! All Best in '13.

Fritz Stoop
Fritz Stoop
Happy Holidays to all at Northwest Timber!

Thank you for your excellent service this year, and outstanding wood. I've just finished up this one using your gorgeous Claro Walnut.


James Tonguet
Greywolf Lutherie

Hi Lewis!

I was visiting my parents last week and I got to see the curly maple! It's just beautiful! It's a Christmas gift for my Dad, and I can't wait for him to see it. I just know he'll love it - and I also can't wait to tell him about you and your business.

Thank you! Thank you!

The package arrived in perfect condition on tues the 20th. The wood is as beautiful as in the pictures. I told you that I had made a rifle out of 5 different kinds of wood [White Oak, Wenge, Orange Padauk, Purpleheart Bolivian Rosewood]. I sent you an attachment showing you the Rifle. I made it into a 220 Swift Ackley, then I put a 42 power nightforce scope on. I am able to hit a soda can at 1000 yards.

Don Eckberg
Hi Sara:

An update just to let you know how the curly cherry I recently purchased turned out. We had talked on the phone about thicker stock, but I didn't see anything with such nice figure in it. When the lumber arrived, I tried multiple ways of laying the pieces out and I finally realized that what I needed to do was to resaw four of the pieces and do a book match. I think I told you I needed 1/2" thickness, but when I checked, the panels I need are just 3/8. So, I measured the wood and determined that if I got a really accurate resaw cut I would have 1/16" left for planing after allowing for the width of the kerf! Not a lot of margin for error. I purchased a new 3/4" 3TPI blade for my bandsaw and spent a lot of time truing and tuning the saw rip fence and feather boards. It was finally white knuckles time and I carefully joined the edges of the four pieces and then headed over to the bandsaw. I was either going to succeed or ruin these boards for my intended use.

The bottom line was a great success! After planing I had my 3/8 stock. I have glued up the panels and I am in the process of sanding prior to a little more work with the table saw and router table to create an edge profile on the panels. They are beautiful! The real plus for me is that I still have two pieces that I can use in other projects.

Thanks again for providing the wood! I have good local access to a wide variety of hardwood lumber, including exotic species, but figured wood is nowhere to be found. The ability to see a photo of the actual pieces you are purchasing is a tremendous benefit. I don't think I would spend $400 on lumber I had never seen!

Dick Thomas
Kalamazoo, Michigan

Hello Lewis,

I'm the one the purchased the English walnut that was not the thickness advertised. I told you that I could live with it but you went ahead and sent me an extra set to make up for what I thought I was getting.

That was a really cool thing to do. I will of course still be a very happy customer of yours.

Thank You

Cary Chapman
Hi Lewis and Sara,

Here's to you, once again. The wood came in last week and it is FABULOSO! Thanks for making my work much easier. Keep growing!!!

Corey Brause
Anchorage, AK

James Guitar Hi Lewis,

Just received the shipment, it is exquisite, many thanks for the prompt service!

I'm working on a project with the last set that I got form you, it is coming along nicely, and has spawned several jobs due to your fine wood.


James Tonguet
Greywolf Luthierie


Thanks so much for the wonderful wood and great service. I'm looking forward to building with this latest set. (NWT2744A)

James Tonguet
Duluth, GA


Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate all of the help I get from Sara and Lewis. They are great and so easy to work with. The selection of wood and the resaw service is the best.

Kenneth Lowrance
Wichita, Kansas


I received the two billets of Maple and they are beautiful. The packaging was excellent as well. Thanks for your services.

Joe Carter
Dear Sara,

Jewelry BoxAloha from Hawaii. I just wanted to thank you for handling our order for the awesome quilted maple board. It arrived in excellent condition.

My husband’s hobby is woodworking although he is a land use planner. He has practically rebuilt the entire inside of our home, including our kitchen and enjoys making jewelry boxes also. I’ve attached a photo of a box he made for our 40th wedding anniversary.

Thank you again for your expert assistance.


Hello Lewis:

I received the beautiful quilted burl maple today and am anxious to include it in the chest I am making. The outstanding quality of the product and service that Sara and you provide is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Marion Glasgo
I just opened my package. I'm staring at the boards...a lot better than anticipated. Your packaging is even impressive. Do you folks wrap Christmas presents?

You do not disappoint.
Dan Carroll
Dear Lewis & Sara,

A few months ago I asked for your help to get the supplies for a clock. You sent the various thicknesses & length & (even marked some that you felt was very special for the accent pieces.) I have enclosed some pictures of the clock & some other Claro projects.

You have got to be proud of the pleasure you have given so many. It has given my hours of fun and a lot of pride in the finished product. I feel fortunate to have met you and your daughter & I can not express to you how much your support has meant to me.

Many Thanks,
Donny Lamey, Moss Point, MS

Hi Lewis,

Attached are the pictures of the guitar amp I made last year from a book-matched set of your Myrtlewood and Birdseye maple veneer front.

It's my Midnight Special model, made to order with woods chosen by the customer or from my advice. The Claro Walnut version will be ready in a few weeks and I will send those pictures as well.

Thanks for your unique woods...

Chris Siegmund
Amplifier Cabinets


DoorJust wanted to give you an update... So far so good with the countertop. The boards arived in perfect condition. The joined edges were perfectly square! All I had to do was glue them together. I have put 1 coat of waterlox on and the grain is really starting to pop. Attached is a current pic. I probably have 4-6 more coats to go before I am all finished. I will send final pics when I am all done.

Thanks again for you help.

Bryan Moore
This is the finished basket made from the White Cedar staves, Myrtle wood base. Both purchased from you last year. Larger baskets with the Myrtle are in progress now and will send more pictures when finished. Also using the Spalted Maple.

Thanks for a great product!

Tim Symonds
GuitarThanks so much! Best wood transaction yet, thanks again.

Michael Rusen

Hi Lewis,
Thought I would drop a note to let you know all arrived in good order and to say thanks for the shop apron. I hope all of the speculation turns to sales and we can do more business together. Thanks for your help and beautiful lumber.

David Naso
I had forgotten what a treat it is to get a package from you!

Thanx, Cecil
I received the wood today, it is spectacular! Many Thanks!

James Tonguet
Greywolf Lutherie

Dear Lewis,

Thanks for your care and the selection of the maple for my daughter's table. Your expertise is much appreciated. I'll send you a photo when the project is completed.

Bob Steckler


Thanks for the time and patience with me today. I am thrilled to have met you and Lewis and Aaron as it all adds up to a day well lived. Your operation is as down to earth as it is professional! You shall hear from me again. And I'll try to help spread the word about Northwest Timber! Cheers!

Fritz Stoop
Moraga, CA

Hi Lewis.

Wrench Writing Table using the best NW Timber Walnut (Bookmatch 17" Claro) Wrenches designed and milled from aluminum, chrome plated. Powdered coated rust colored/textured drawer boxes.
Aaron Levine Table
Aaron Levine
Bainbridge WA

Hello Sara,

Got the Claro package yesterday. I couldn't be happier. And to top it off: A WORK APRON!!! With upside down numbers (So I can read them). How clever. Thank you. Add me to your list of customer/advocates!


Of all the places I have ordered wood not 1 person other than you has called to thank me for my business or to ask is the wood working for me. Sara always says thank you, we appreciate your business. She is great.

Good company, good people, gooood wood.

Kenneth Lowrance
Wichita, Kansas

Wood Picture Frames
Hello Lewis,

GuitarI wanted to say thank you for the wonderful wood and share some pictures of the bass I built for my sons graduation. The first question that is asked is "What kind of wood is the top made of? Is that stone?"

I finished with several soaking coats of teak wood finish followed by wax and gentle buffing. The wood is truly breathtaking. The photos do not translate the warmth an color. One has to see and feel the wood to truly appreciate. The feel of this instrument is nearly illegal. It is your wood that truly makes this instrument. I included a couple photos of my son Marco when I presented the instrument to him. He was without words and claimed his hands were shaking too much to play. He has since calmed down. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Thank you again,

Hi Lewis, that is one beautiful piece of claro walnut I received today. The gun build has now become a build in memory...and the wood is appropriate. I belong to the Chicago Woodturners' (200 members) there are some heralded turners there, I would gladly place your cards and pamphlet out for examination....and I will take the wood with. I will not start the flint lock for a while. Thanks a bunch Lewis, in my book, you are number one.

Tim Feeley
Outstanding products and customer service are quite rare, and when I come across them, I want to let the business owner and other people know about it. So I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with the wood I received from NW Timber. I bought bookmatched quilted maple and several boards of spalted maple. The pieces were as gorgeous as I hoped for and your customer service helping me select the boards to fit my project was top notch. Thank you, from a very satisfied customer.

Craig Behnke
Hi Sara,

Thanks for your phone call follow up on my last order. Yes, the order arrived in good shape and it was what I wanted.

Living so far away from any place to purchase wood, I appreciate the structure and detail of your website. I am usually uncomfortable not being able to select pieces in person, but everything I have ordered from you guys has been great and as described online. That has not been my usual experience with other Oregon based wood companies. Even though I think you guys are a bit more expensive I have found it to be worth the "extra" cost to get what I order on the first attempt and to get it quickly (at least as quickly as wood can be mailed to Alaska).

Anyways, I wanted to say thanks and I appreciate the work that you guys do.

Colin Dukes
Juneau, AK
"Art From Trees"

Hello Sara,

I thought I would send you photo's of the round table we talked about this morning just in case I hadn't sent them before. The files are large so they will take some time to download........sorry about that. I've also included pictures of the last table I made. This one is in a gallery here in Sisters.

Thanks again for helping our friends pick out their wood.

Bob Bousquet

Bob Bousquet - Tables

Thank you very much for the update, I truly appreciate it. This is what will keep your company in my mind for my future wood needs, GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!, and an uncanny intuition as to what a person is looking for. It still amazes me as how, on my vague description, you could find the perfect board that I was looking for. KUDOS to you. Again, it has been an immense pleasure doing business with you, and your company. Probably a intermittent customer, but a customer for life.

Robert Linscott


The quilted maple arrived today. Beautiful!! Fair pricing, easy transaction and delivered on schedule. I also liked the free shipping!! I plan on saving one piece from this board for instrument number 1000. It should come around sometime this fall. Attached is a photo of one of my Walkabout Dulcimers made from the figured cherry I bought from you a year back.

Thanks much,
Kevin Jones, Olympia Dulcimer Company

DulcimerI'm a little new at this, I hope these pictures come out. This is the dulcimer I built with the walnut I purchased from your company. I won't go into all the details but the tonal quality of this dulcimer is exceptional.

Many Thanks!

Todd Scherrinsky
Dick Tipton Table
Here are a couple photos of the table I made from the last Claro Walnut and Curly Maple I bought from you. I am very pleased with the quality of the walnut and maple and as you can see they came together very nicely in this table.

Dick Tipton
Sisters, OR

Thank you. Thank you. I just received the book-matched spalted maple and found it better than I expected! I'm very happy with the whole transaction and how smooth and quick the delivery was.

Thanks again!
Syd Dunton

Paul Carlino DeskDear Lewis:

I thought you would like to see my completed project using the beautiful quilted maple you supplied to me. Here's wishing you a happy & healthy holiday season!

Paul Carlino

Thank you. Thank you. I just received the book-matched spalted maple and found it better than I expected! I'm very happy with the whole transaction and how smooth and quick the delivery was.

Thanks again!
Syd Dunton

Hi Sara,
I'm very impressed about the figure in the wood and the quality of the wood, exactly what I have seen before I order. I'm going to use them in my next furniture I will make.

Ronald Berube
Quebec, Canada

Dear Lewis:
I received my order today...a magnificent piece of 4/4 quilted maple. I am very pleased with the quality of this exceptionally figured board. Thanks so much for your exceptional service and quality product at a fair price. You can be assured of future orders from me!

Paul Carlino
Wally Davis Hello all. Just wanted to send you some pictures of the finished product that you both had a part in. Thank you again for all of your help, your craftmanship and fine products. I for sure have a very beautiful and functional piece of art.

Thank you again.
Wally Davis

TO Northwest Timber,
Thank you very much for the beautiful piece of curly maple. Right now I', looking at making a small side table with a ( V ) Shaped bookshelf. Also thank you for the shop apron it will be put to good use. I will be using Northwest Timber in the future.

Thanks again!
Scott up in Seattle

Any comments or feedback??,06,11/Burl%20Maple/index.html

Arlin Liss
Table We are very happy with the results.

Thought you might like to see the finished product.

Jim and Linda White
Whidbey Island, WA

Hi Lewis,
Just wanted to let you know that I love that last myrtle board you resawed for me. Thank you! It's perfect! Some of the bookmatches are just stunning & will make for some gorgeous one-of-a-kind ukuleles.

Char Mayer

Hello Sarah,
I received the book matched spalted maple boards that I ordered. I've had a lot of wood shipped to me and I must say that I have never seen packaging like that. It took me a while and some tools to get to the wood, but I was very pleased when I finally saw it.

With packaging like that you could have flown over my place in a plane and dropped it out. Keep up the good work, I'll be ordering from you again.

Cary Chapman

Hi, Ron Pires here, regarding the purchase of item NWT5501A quilted maple, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It showed up early on the 4th, thank you for the great selection it'll provide many beautiful highlights/embellishments to future projects including my next 3.

Wifey finally got a 1st hand look at what I was talking about and wants me to redo the front drawer of one of her jewelry boxes. Truly, the internet pics don't do the figure in the wood justice. While talking to you on the phone you mentioned the slab was 2 sided, (back side having a sort of reddish brown heart wood?) I didn't imagine it could come in that tone. I don't know how deep it goes yet, but as soon as I can free up some resaw time on the band saw I intend to separate as much of the toned wood from side 2 as possible for a special down the road.

Thank you for the apron, a generous present, now I have one for construction and one for finish. Be assured I'll tell who and where I go the material. Again thank you for the beautiful selection of maple!

Ron Piers
East Falmouth, Massachusetts

Hi Sara,
Just received the beautiful Myrtle wood. Thanks for the excellent planing and packaging job and the nice apron ! What a pleasure is has been to deal with you. :)

Chris Siegmund

I received me order yesterday afternoon. Thanks so much for your help. I also appreciate the sample for bleach experimenting, as well as the nice apron! Good luck,


Bed Headboard Lewis:
I thought you might like to see a few pictures of the headboard I just finished building out of some of your curly maple and cherry. All the trim is done out of the cocobolo (Mexican rosewood) you re-sawed and planed for me. You can see that on the top rail trim I was even able to ‘book-match’ the rosewood. It is stained with Min-Wax Cherry gelstain and finished with three coats of satin catalyzed lacquer, spray-applied.

The curly maple (stiles and rails) and the eastern cherry (legs) exceeded all my expectations for machining, working, finishing and aesthetically blending together well in the finished product. Thank you for the beautiful (and beautifully prepared) wood, and for the re-saw work we did. I look forward to doing more business with you whenever the need for exceptional material arises.


Rex L. Pugmire

BaptistryA few years ago I bought a perfect (one flaw - a 1/4" bit of color) piece of quilted maple from you folks. Spoke to Sara back then and she suggested I send pics. 'tis true there are other species and materials involved. Here's a pic. If you like this baptistery I have more views. This one is a Baptistery for a Catholic church in North Carolina. A bit late and I may have approached you already. Thanks!

Rich Komisar

Looking at your galleries, I figure I am not at that level, but I enjoyed making these, and the recipients like ‘em!! Figured maple and bubinga table & figured maple and cherry table.

Bill Hamlin
Bill Hamlin Figured maple & cherry tables
That piece of wood is breathtaking—thank you very much. And thank you for your kindness on shipping.

Charles Conn
Ketchum, ID


Boards arrived - thank you for the extra board. They both look great.

Dan Quackenbush, PA

Maple SnakeLewis! Boy you were so right ~ This wood was so hard to do everything with it become so many things as it came along. I always enjoy the beginning but I enjoy the end so much more!! Hope everything is going well for you and yours. Your friend Rick Ransom.

Rick Ransom
Ventura, CA

Table StandI envy you. I love wood too. Your job of "assisting in the creation of your beautiful wood pieces" must be a true joy. I don't buy much from you because my house is now full of my furniture. Included is a great coffee table made from on of your walnut boards with quarter sawn oak legs. I so much enjoy looking at your "only god could create" wood pieces and visualize the furniture or box I could make from it. My time and due to age abilities are limited but I want to Thank You for being You and letting me enjoy your wood. I'm a tranplanted Oregonian. High School in Grants Pass and Graduate of U of O. Go Ducks.

Stan Williams
Yuma, AZ


The wood arrived! Wow! As good as in the picture!! Thank you very much guys!

All the best, Peace and Happiness,
Jimi Glen,
Guitars & Violins
S.W. Cape, South Africa

Hi Sarah,

The wood was lovely but the two girls are fighting for the apron, how can I get another one huh!! Please!

Paul Doyle,
Instrument Maker

Dear Louis and Sara:

Thank you for your follow-up phone call concerning your on-line store. I am looking forward to an in-person visit to your store in the near future. I thought you might like to see some of my artwork that has used wood purchased from your store. You have a wonderful selection of wood, and I appreciate your customer service.

Mark Doolittle
Sculptural Wood
Palmdale, CA

Clock & Box
Hi Lewis,

Thank you again for the heads-up on the knot on that piece of wood (#5889). I appreciate your offer to send that for $50, and hopefully the new choice (#728A) will be as it looks. Hopefully one day I can come personally to sift through your collection, but until then, your online store is the best on the 'net. I can't tell you how much I appreciate a phone call, you just made me a loyal customer. Send me that shop apron and I'll wear it with pride!

GuitarHere is a photo of some spalted maple I got from you a year or two ago. On these instruments, the bridge is angled up 15 degrees, which is why I said I'll be resawing the wood at uneven thicknesses. Still, any knots would likely be revealed in the carving. So again, I thank you.

Best regards,
Jerome Little
Little Guitar Works, Austin, TX

I bought some 8/4 maple from you back in September. You helped with the selection of the wood and asked that I send you a photo when I finished my project.

Thanks for the help. It turned out pretty good.

Charles Kuether

Rocking Chair


My table hand-crafted from your claro figured walnut is the most beautiful table I've ever seen and I enjoy it each time I look at it or serve a meal on it. I formerly owned two Nakashima tables and I have to say that this one is even more gorgeous.

Thank you,
Joyce Lebra
Boulder, Co


The wood arrived! Wow! As good as in the picture!!
Thank you very much guys!

All the best, Peace and Happiness,
Jimi Glenister
J.Glen Guitars & Violins,
Kommetjie, RSA

Dear Mr. Judy:

I wanted to extend my thanks for the exceptionally high quality of the figured walnut boards that I recently purchased. Since we spoke the week before last, all the boards have been delivered to Mr. Hurd in Boise, and based on the pictures he's taken, they're even more impressive than I had expected.

Thank you for your assistance, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Daniel G. Fulton

Quilted Maple Hi Lewis and Sara,

Thanks for the great Quilted maple.
Attached are a couple of pictures of your product on my Archtops.

Henry Verri

Bed - End-Matched SetHi Sara,

Thanks so much for your patience with me last week. Also thank you for the apron, I thought it might be a straight-jacket until I opened it up! Your suggestion to use an end-matched set worked out perfect! Here is what the bed looks like, if I get a good quality photo when it is set up, I will send it to you.

Sincerely, Ken Periat
Ashland, OR

I wiped that board down with thinner and sent an image to a prospective customer. He took one look and said "sold", so yes, I'm very happy with the transaction.

P.W. Crump Co
Humboldt County, CA

Lewis -

Attached are some pictures of the table and office we discussed.

I had BJ select and forward Hope these help. I have one detail of the table base that shows the wood well.

My client was extremely pleased with the quality and figure of the wood. Thanks!

Michael Jesse
Jesse Woodworks

Jesse Woodworks
Hi Lewis,

Well, the replacement maple has arrived today and I have to say it is a superb piece of timber that will make two very spectacular guitars. Thankyou for replacing the lost piece of maple. I appreciate the service and commitment to me as a customer and I will happily continue purchasing timber from your company. Thank you.

Regards Laurie Rojahn

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some bookmatched spalted maple boards from your company. I recieved the lumber last Monday. I had never ordered lumber online before. Actually, I never purchased lumber that I didn't touch and see first.

Additionally, I found out about your company from an ad in Fine WoodWorking magazine, so I didn't even have any word of mouth about the quality of the lumber you sell. Naturally I was a little nervous about buying lumber based on a photo on a website, from a company I really didn't know anything about.

Well, the lumber didn't look quite like it did in the photo... It looked much better! I have to say I am very happy with my lumber purchase, and if I am ever in need of buying quality figured lumber in the future I will without a doubt be purchasing from you, and will happily recommend your company to others.

Now the pressure is on me to make the rest of the project look as good as the spalted maple!

Thank you,
John Hefcheck

Dear People at Northwest Timber,

The claro walnut boards have arrived; great quality!

I am hard to please......... but you did it, I love them. Great figure, straight, dry no cracks or anything; perfect.

Thanks for sending it with Bax Global; they are fast, have the best price, they phone me when the wood is at the airport, i make an appointment, they tell me how much duty I have to pay.

I will order again, probably september, please send the wood with Bax again.

Thanks for a great service and a fine way to pick out the boards over the internet,

Best Regards,

Daniel Slaman
The Netherlands

Dear Sara,

I just wanted to let you know that the walnut crotch arrived today, to my wife's delight. Hope to be doing business again soon.

John Chandoha
Colebrook, NH

Thanks for the great Claro walnut Lewis. Hope my craftsmanship will do it justice.

Marion Glasgo
Auburn, Washington


My name is Fredrik Tjerneld! Earlier today I E-mailed you about a tracking number. The order has arrived! Thank you so very much for the quickest, and best packed order I ever experienced across the atlantic! The piece of maple is beautiful!

Fredrik Tjerneld
Bromma, Sweden


I just received my curly maple block & spalted maple bookmatches! Wow what a block of curly maple, can’t wait to start cutting into it, the figure goes all the way through! It is also the first time I have ever seen spalted maple up close. I’m still totally impressed with the figure and will put it to good use. Thank you for being THE resource for the best material on earth!

Thanx Again,
Jason Buckmaster
Morro Bay, CA

Hi Lewis and Sara,

I just wanted to let you know that my wood order has arrived in excellent condition and the wood is beautiful just like in the picture. I will be ordering more in the near future.

Best regards,
Johnny Walker
Bartsville, OK

Dear Sara Judy:

Received the wood - my husband glued up today. He is thrilled with the wood - it is beautiful - you are terrific....thanks

Phyllis R. Hills
El Pardo, NM

Hi Sara,

They're just shots I took. Thanks for using them. I will set up a links page and link to your site as well.

Thanks for the great wood,
Gary Upton
Nevada City, CA

Mr. Judy,

The curly maple billet you sold me arrived safely today; NWT7537. All I can say is what a beautiful piece of wood and the flame is exactly what I had in mind.

Thanks again for your help and thank your photographer too, for the excellent pictures that made choosing this piece easy from 2400 miles away.

Tom Redding
Wadsworth Ohio


A few months back I purchased a very expensive book-matched set of crotch walnut knowing I only needed about 1/4 of an inch worth of it. (for my needs, I really felt I was crazy for buying something like that) I just could not get over how amazing its figure was. I still have yet to see another piece I consider just as beautiful.

A portion of it was used for the top of one of my new custom guitars. I just wanted to send a picture of what the finished product looks like. Its simply stunning in person. The instrument looks like it is on fire and the figures just seem to dance across the body in the light.

Thank you so much. I am extremely glad I found your site. I am also glad that you provide such quality wood. Keep up the good work! That piece of wood turned into a masterpiece that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Take care,
Apostolis Ventouris
Forestville Ct.


Thank you for the follow-up call on the quilted maple. All arrived in good condition. The wood was bowed, but you had warned me of that before you shipped it, and with a little bit of innovative resawing I was able to use it without waste. The wood is gorgeous, as your online photo attested.

Question: what's the difference between your AAAAA and musical grades, particularly in maple? What characteristics move it from one to the other?
Answer: Musical has to be perfect without defect, and AAAAA can have little spots of burl or bird peck or have the figure get a little weaker and be AAAAA.

Again, thanks. The service and quality were all I could ask for.

Roger Skipper
Oakland, MD

NW Timber,

I received my order yesterday and the maple billet is just what I expected thanks to your great website. Also, the prompt service was greatly appreciated.


John Webb
Wilsonville, OR


I'm very pleased with the maple I received. I look forward to ordering more in the future.


Matt Chaffin
Orion, MI


The board I ordered arrived last week. It looks great. Thanks for the great service!

Craig Yamamoto
Craig Yamamoto Woodworker LLC
Clinton, WA

Good morning Sara,

I really appreciate your help. Also, your site and service is so much better than any other lumber provider I have found on-line, I wanted to thank you for that, too. You and your family and employees clearly have a higher standard. It makes it so much easier to spend money. :~)

Thank you,

Ron Beaver
Woodinville, WA

Hello Sara,

I've just received the bird'eyes maple and I'm totally satisfied ,shipment was fast and the maple is beautiful ....

No doubt we'll work together in the future ....thanks

Regards from france

Jerome Dussenne
Abscon, Nord France


I received the wood and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for the great wood and great service.

Steven Roberson
Brahamsville, VA


The board I ordered has arrived. Many thanks for the excellent service.

Alan Cringean
Scotland, UK


I can't thank you enough for the access you gave me to look over your stock last Wednesday. I have never seen such an abundance of beautifully figured wood in one place. It was all I expected and more. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Derek Wolcott
Wolcott Custom Wood Works
Spokane, Wa.

Hi Lewis,

Letting you know that my order of Claro arrived today (Aug 1) in good condition. The corners were kind of beat up but not enough to affect this project. I know my client will be wowed when this piece goes into his house.

I'll send you an image of the completed cabinet in a couple of months.

Thank you again for the beautiful wood.
Sincerely, Brian

Brian McLachlan
San Geronimo, CA


I received the shipment ... The wood is beautiful beyond my expectations!! thanks Clyde

Clyde Martin
Lubbock, TX


Hey, Thank you for the absolutely great Spalted Maple I received on Friday, July 7th. Great turn around on the delivery as well. I'm returning the Clairo Walnut that I bought from someone else because of honeycomb checking problems and would like to order from you what I need for this same project. I'll give you a call this afternoon or tomorrow to discuss this new order.

I'm very pleased with how this is going with your company and look forward to doing more business with you.

Brian Mclachlan
San Geronimo, California


By the way, I want to compliment your firm on its website. Quilted maple has been all but impossible for me to acquire here in Hawaii in the past, and usually required bulk ordering of 100 board feet blind to get a couple board feet of nice figure. Your individual photographs of boards, and quality of selection, was a sheer delight to discover.

Erik D. Eike
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dear Lewis and Sara,

I recently had the great fortune of winning a stunning plank of your walnut in the Mid Willamette Woodworkers Guild show at the bookbin. Thank you so much for this tremendous wood, and for your support of the guild. I have not worked with our local black walnut before, but I am very impressed by it's color and figure when compared with the eastern walnut I am more used to--it's like rich and exotic dark chocolate compared to a cup of Nestle's quik! I will have to come up with a special design, hopefully in time for the next guild show, and I will let others know where the wood came from when they see the piece.

Again, thank you very much!

Pat Megowan
Corvallis OR

Hi Sara,

Thanks for shipping so quickly. Thanks for the way you protect the lumber pcs. you send out....and Thanks for sending paperwork to us after the shipment to back up what we ordered. You guys have a pretty good set up up there and the customer care means a lot to us......

Thanks again,

Steve Espitallier
Creative WoodCrafting
'Quality Hand Crafted Furniture'
Woodland Ca. 95776

Thanks for the tour. it will be a pleasure to see the wood you showed me when it is done drying. I always enjoy coming to your place to get wood, you have such amazing wood.

Thanks again,
Ted Gaty
Bobby Watanabe waited 5 years for just the right board to use as a table top.

Dear Lewis,

Thank you so much for a "beauty" of a board. You people are great! Thanks again!

George Cuccia
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Lewis,

I use Northwest Timber because:
  1. I can choose my wood online from a large selection.
  2. Northwest Timber is always as good as shown on the store.
  3. There is a very large selection of highly figured wood to choose from.
  4. Their prices are not unreasonable.
  5. My customers are always pleased.
Roger V. Johnson
Rushville Nebraska

Hi, Lewis,

I thought I'd drop you a note to show you what I did with some lumber you sold me. We paired your quilted maple with Jatoba (Brazillian Rosewood) to create the attached guitar amplifier. The amplifier is a Marshall 18 Watt design with a single 12" speaker.

I buy lumber all over the place, and I have to say that your website is the best online shopping experience I've seen. You present such a clear, accurate description of each piece that it's more like picking through pieces at a lumber yard than shopping online.

Thanks very much - I'll be back for more,

Greg Bump
Electric Wood, Inc.
Blacksburg, VA

Thanks for the great service. the wood is wonderful, every bit as nice as the picture shows.

Brigham Consoliver
Sequim WA

Just a note to tell you that my board of marbled vertical grain western walnut arrived safe, sound, and BEAUTIFUL. Wish I had more time for woodworking so I could buy more of your wood now but I'm sure I will be in the future. Thanks.

Rob Porcaro
Absolutely beautiful! I recEived yestErday the myrtlewood burl that i was order from you and that pieces is beautiful too!!

… here in my country you can’t buy such nice pieces of wood and that is very sad. But i have you and i will contact to you if i need wood! Thanks a lot!

Best! ”

Josip Zaja

Every thing arrived in both shipments in great condition. It is a pleasure to deal with such great folks. My visit there is like visiting a fine jewelry store!

Henry Randall

The Curly Maple arrived today and I am VERY pleased with it. The lumber has magnificent curl and even color across all the boards. You hoped I would be pleased and I can tell you I am very pleased.

The packing was outstanding . Not scratch nor a dent on any of the boards. Over and above all this is the exceptional dedicated service you provided throughout the whole process and the follow-ups you made. This is my second order with NorthWest Timber and based on the exceptional quality of the wood and the service you provide I’ll be a loyal Northwest Timber customer. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking the best in wood and customer service.”

Bob Duff (Nova Scotia)
Hi Sara

You were right the claro has arrived in record time and is even better than the pictures thank you for the great service. all i can say is that i look forward to using your services again.”

All the best Andy

Andy Fellows
Gosport, Hants, United Kingdom

Great tonewoods and great service, always a pleasure doing business. Thanks Lewis and Sara!

DR Hippner

Sara and Ryan, just wanted to let you know I am very happy with my quilted maple. I have let several other steel guitar builders know about your web site. Thanks again, Martin Weenick.”
Thank you to all for the speedy delivery! I appreciate that. I also look forward to dealing with you in the future. Beautiful wood by the way! Thanks again.”

Peter Osterholm

The Maple arrived today and it's splendid. Thanks for the consideration and you'll have my business from now on.”

Fred Shannon
The order was just like what I saw on the your web site and the quality was very good. Your service is good and its just nice to be able to find great material.”

Len Pearson
Seattle, Washington

Hi Sara,

My boards did come yesterday and I have to tell you that I am VERY pleased. The quality of the quilted maple is better than expected. The curly maple piece is exactly what I wanted. The best thing about the whole deal is that they arrived in perfect condition. I have ordered this type of material from other suppliers and they just band it together and ship it. Your shipping person should be commended. I know that my customers will be happy and that everything to me. You have earned my future business.

Thank you, Steve
I just wanted to reply about the order I placed:

Thank you very much, the pictures you have online, do not do justice to the quality of the piece of wood I received, and I would also like to thank your shipping dept. for the prompt handling of my order. This is one of my best experiences, of online purchasing, that I have had.

Keep up the good work,

Wayne Dodds

P.S. I will be ordering from you in the future.
As someone who works wood for the enjoyment of the process and the satisfaction of knowing the finished product is the best that I can do, using materials of the highest quality is the only sensible choice.

When considering the investment made in tools, developing technique and the hours of physical and emotional effort put into a piece it seems to me to be "penny wise, pound foolish" to try and save a few bucks on wood. There are only so many pieces I'm going to get to make in this lifetime, and I'd like them to be special enough that they will continue to be used long after I'm gone.

One of the ways to make a piece special is by using woods with exceptional color and/or figure, such as those from NW Timber.

My workbench is an example. All the wood (Oregon Black Walnut & Figured Western Maple) for my workbench came from NW Timber. This may be over-kill for some people, but it's my workbench. In the future, my children may not wish to keep my workbench, but I hope that due to the craftsmanship and materials it will end up in the hands of someone who will use and appreciate it rather than in the landfill because no one wanted a bench made out of 2x4's. If you appreciate old woodworking hand tools, you most likely can appreciate my point of view. It's the finely crafted tools that are used, cherished, and passed along. Common, cheaply made tools are often discarded- a waste of materials and energy.

I have bought both large and small quantities of just about every species of furniture wood that NW Timber carries and have always found the service and products to be first rate. I'm a self-confessed "wood-nut" and have bought wood from the East coast and numerous local suppliers as well as NW Timber. While I sometimes lose track of exactly which wood came from which supplier- I can pick out every piece that I've ever purchased from NW Timber, it's that unique.

Much of the wood purchased from NW Timber I picked out in person. Other times I've bought wood based on a single phone conversation with Lewis Judy. Either way, I've always been satisfied. I find that Lewis not only knows his inventory and is an expert on the woods he carries, but is also very knowledge about woodworking in general. Over time Lewis has come to know my taste in wood. Picking out the right wood is an important and exciting phase of each project. It's a real pleasure to call up Lewis, describe what I'm making, what kind of wood I was thinking about, and get an immediate run down on what he has available and what he thinks would work for me. Often he's successful in finding wood that meets my needs. I'm just as grateful for the times he's said "I have figured-whatever that you're talking about, but you wouldn't like it". Lewis does not try to force your project around the wood he has. There have been times when Lewis would remember a conversation from 6 months prior, and call me when what I wanted turned-up or came out of the kiln.

Finding NW Timber was one of the highlights of my woodworking adventure. It is the standard by which I judge all others.

Mark Balmer
The lumber that Northwest Timber is cutting is some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. The black walnut and big leaf maple that grows here in Oregon's Willamette Valley can have gorgeous color and figure, and Lewis knows how to cut it to bring out its best characteristics. He also has the facilities to properly dry and store it.

Wood of this caliber is rare and hard to find. Northwest Timber is one of the few outfits that I know of that is taking the time and effort required to provide this wonderful material.

Ken Altman, Luthier and Furniture Maker
Silverton, Oregon


Thanks a lot for the maple. As usual, it is beautiful. Have just finished a guitar using the walnut you shipped last year. It is great! ... Thanks again. I really appreciate your prompt service and the quality of your products.

Dear Lewis,

I (and my grandfather-in-law) really enjoyed meeting you last week. Love your selection of woods. If you ever need a reference, use me. I do not pretend to be expert, but i have visited a huge number of wood sellers, and i can say without reservation that your inventory contains nothing ordinary at all. All is special and as described (well kept too). I would not be the least bit uncomfortable to ask you to pick some 'marbled walnut' e.g., for me. I know that i would get some beautiful wood.

Take care.

Jack Nissen

Hello Mr. Judy,

A few years ago I was over at your place and I bought some beautiful sets of myrtle wood. I have been using them and they sounded great and had a nice appearancce. I want to thank you and I am enjoying your site and the beautiful woods on it. Thanks and maybe see you again.

Arie van Spronssen


Emailing to say my wood has arrived today and it looks absolutely fantastic. Thank you for the great service and fast shipment. Well packaged although the corners were slightly damaged due to courier but that’s not a problem at all. Thank you and if I build another bass guitar you would be the first place I would look. I will place a comment on your website.

Many Thanks
Daniel I. Close

Hey Sara,

The last walnut boards you sent are even better than the picture. Great curl. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

Joe Buesseler
Anchorage, AK

Dear Lewis,

The board did arrive safely - minor chip taken out of the corner that took out the packing wood for an inch or so of edge (when they ran into something carrying it, I suspect). Should not be a problem - I'll be rounding that part off anyway, just wanted you to know.

That really is a nice figure and overall really great choice. I've looked quite hard for a board this nice in the area and haven't been able to find anything close. I really do appreciate your efforts. This will be a joy to work with, I'll send you a picture when I get to the finish line...and I find out what a cherry wood electric guitar sounds like...!

Best and thanks again,
Rick Artis

Lewis Judy,

I received your donation for our upcoming raffle/auction today. Thank you very much!!! The bookmatched Myrtlewood boards are beautiful!! And I'm sure they'll draw top dollar in our live auction. We have our next monthly meeting this coming Monday evening, and I'll tell everyone about your donation and make the brochures and business cards available to all. You certainly have some fantastic woods. And I'm happy to pass along your contact info.

Thank you again for your support of our organization. We're trying to keep raising the bar each year on how much we can raise. Because our goal is to be able to offer more workshops to our members, covering all skill levels and as many areas of expertise as we can. The Pacific Northwest is home to quite a few professional woodworkers. And we'd like to tap into as many of them as we can to share their expertise with those of us who are "up and comers", eager to learn. But that takes money. And this one annual event is our opportunity to raise those funds. We're getting better at it every year, and thanks to suppliers like you, our members are getting more and more education every year.

Again, thank you for your support,
George Knutson
Evergreen Woodworkers' Guild

Good morning Lewis,

I received your meticulously packaged bundle of walnut this morning. Everything looks perfect and I wish to thank you for the time you invested in selecting the additional pieces, let alone taking time to mill the large book matched pieces. I am very, very pleased and I’m sure the client will be as well.

I have stood the pieces up in a near vertical manner and will leave them for the next six weeks or so. If you have any further suggestions for better storage and acclimation, please let me know. Your input is always welcomed.

The only thing I still need will be a receipt and maybe you have already mailed it. E-mail would work as well.

Again, I appreciate your fine service.

Best regards,
Scott Stafford

G'day Sara,

Greetings from Down Under.

A note of thanks for my complete satisfaction with Northwest Timber's exemplary service and for the exquisite piece of flawless Claro Walnut that arrive yesterday - it will make a very beautiful guitar.

I am also in total admiration of your company's business philosophy, timber salvage ethic and family involvement - it is a special and excellent thing you have going there.

Many thanks and appreciation.

Kind regards,
Andrew Clarke
Screaming Eagle Guitars
Tallarook, Victoria, Australia.


Here is the top of a coffee table made from various colors of your quilted maple. They surround an Afzelia burl all trimmed in Rosewood and edged with Narra. The customer who purchased this table actually redesigned their home around it. What a compliment. Please have Sara include me in here emails of all your current goodies.

William D. Henderson
Quilted Maple

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for all your help today. You have the knowledge and passion for your product that is so essential to great customer service. Before our conversations, I did not realize how well organized the NWT site really is. There is much more on there than I had thought. I can now take my time as you had suggested to study everything before buying. I will soon be a customer.

Best always,
David Segal

Dear Northwest Timber,

The piece of walnut arrived today. It is absolutely beautiful.

It will be a wide shelf in a study. I have bought a lot of stuff for this study – computer, high-end sound system, etc., but none have given me half as much pleasure as this remarkable piece of wood. I don’t know another place in the country where I could have found it.

Thank you.
Jim Odell


The wood in the last order was superb!

Webb Guitars
Tigard, OR

Web Archtop Guitar

Very user friendly web site. Almost as good as being there.

Kent Muller

Electric GuitarMr. Judy,

Two years ago I bought a musical instrument billet, NWT7537, and sent you pictures of the first top I made from it for a replica styled electric guitar. Here's how the second half of the top turned out on a similar guitar.

Thanks again for making such wonderful wood available.

Tom Redding
Wadsworth, Ohio

Quilted Maple Mountain Molding Hello NW Timber Team!

Here are a few photos of the restoration window moldings at the Meeker Mansion in Puyallup, Washington. The project was tense and very satisfying, the learning curve of working with quilted maple was great. The molding above the base blocks are the original and the rest is from NW Timber, there are five profiles that are cut across the grain, the base is out of eastern maple, another future project when donations are available. Thank you for your service and wood, as always is the best.

Roland Simpson
Mountain Molding

Quilted Material Mr. Judy,

I thought you might be humored to see what happened to some of the 5-A quilted material you sent me several years ago. Most of the rest has gone into a bedroom set and a variety of smaller pieces.

Thanks for the wood!

Gerald Winslow

Bench Sara,

Thought you might like to see a shot of this small bench commission I'm completing with the first coat of tung oil on it. Once again this whole process of gathering the right woods for my work on line has worked out swimmingly. Thank you for creating a great way to acquire great wood for my work and in a way I never would have dreamed of 30 years ago when I started doing woodworking.

Brian Mclachlan

Maple WoodHi Sara,

The board finally arrived today.... ( Belgian custom officers are not so fast ;-) ) I picked it up at the post office and could not wait till home to open the pack, so I opened it in my car....... Wow, what a beautifull peace of wood!!! Better than the picture and even better as expected... This wood equals with ease the maple on my son's Alembic bass.....This is going to be the best burst I've ever built !!!

You guys you're the best !!!.... Thanks !!!

Paul Deputter

Wood statuesHi Sara

Thought you might be interested to see what I have done with the spalted maple that I ordered from you last fall. These two statues are now in their new homes in Maine and Missouri.

Chris Kaiser
abiszet creations

Hi Lewis:

I like your new site with all the bells and whistles :-)

The availability of your fine wood has allowed me to create some truly fine harps, and the harp world has noticed! I'm now back-ordered till summer 2010, as the response has been overwhelming. I thank you and my satisfied customers thank you...

Thanks very much & best wishes for St. Pat's Day,

Larry Fisher

The wood arrived when expected and is now safely resawed to 3/16”. I just love Myrtlewood. When the piece is done I will send a picture.
Thanks Lewis,


Hey Lewis,

I found the maple here upon my return. I cut out the job this AM and the stock looks good. the jury is still out on purchasing dressed stock, but perhaps after I do some machining I may be more impressed! Some plywood was mashed in transit, but no interior damage.


Bowman GuitarsReceived maple from you last Thurs. It is nothing less than what I expected (perfect). Thanks for your help w/ the discover card.

Bowman Guitars

Dear Sara Judy,

I received my order two days ago and it turned out to be better than the photo on the website. I am quite pleased to have made business with you. I also thank you for your great help by giving specific information about my order which relieved me and enabled me to trace on the net. I am really satisfied with your service and the item I received. Thank you again.

Best regards from Turkey...

Hi Lewis,

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for picking out the cherry boards from my last order. The boards are fantastic and just what I was looking for. Thanks to you for reassigning my order from what I picked on the web to what you picked using your good eyes. I am grateful to you for this. Thanks very much.

Blessings, John

John Carlson
In the Woods, LLC
Sacred Altars


My quilted maple arrived last Friday, it's beautiful and I want to thank you again.

Your very satisfied customer,

Miroslav Formacek,
Glen Allen, VA

Hi Lewis:

The wood arrived last night ... Absolutely beautiful!! I can't wait to see it in the finished product – I guess it will be about 8 weeks before my order is done. Thanks for your help with this & I’ll send a picture of the table when done.

Take Care,

Anita Lavoie
First of all I'd like to say that I was delighted when I received my order (NWT7988) in June and I am quite satisfied both with the billet and the spectacular service you provided.

Mr. Semih Yetim
Merkez, Turkey

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