Vilas, NC
(828) 297-7566
How did you get your start in woodworking?
My woodworking skills came about working as a carpenter. Around 1978 I made some Windsor chairs using a Michael Dunbar book.

Which part of the process gives you the most gratification?
Chairs have always been the big draw for me. Something about accommodating the human body..  lots of curves and ergonomics. Rocking chairs have the added element of motion plus they are stand alone pieces in contrast to a set of dining chairs.  This allows them to become an art form. Taking their basic form from the human body, once the comfort factor has been addressed, one can proceed to treat the piece as a sculpture.

Do you have a favorite tool?
I like using my 7"angle grinder more than any other tool.

If you had to do it all over again, would you pick woodworking as a career?
When I was younger, I went down several other career paths but always came back to making things in wood.



Lindau's shop in the Blue Ridge Mountains
of North Carolina

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