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How are is does your work differ from other woodworkers?
Cause I am old, crotchety, mean nasty and ill tempered!~ I am self taught and have every scar and screwed up project to prove it! I have no 'edumacated' sense what is 'proper' but know what makes sense to me [till I learn by error] I get true joy and pleasure from my work [hah like that makes me sumptin spezial]
How did you get your start in woodworking?
No one else would hire me to do anything. Wood butchery was my sole outlet with the $$$$ I had available. Started selling at local school craft shows and learned about the 'Peter Principle'

Why did you choose to build humidors?
A local schmuck [who just bought a wood business] had some exotic woods he offered to supply if I made humidors that he would sell and we would split 50/50 on sales.
Cigar people will spend big $$$ sometimes

What is your biggest challenge in a niche market?
Getting enough qualified inquires.

What is your favorite part of the process?
Building, designing, wood finding?
Spending the money I get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Which tool on your bench is irreplaceable?
My WORKSHOP computer for Email inquiries!!!!!!!!

How do you keep woodworking interesting and fulfilling?
Listening to my wife and paying bills


Arlin Liss Humidors
3070 Judes Ferry Road, Powhatan VA 23139
[804] 378 3315

quilted humidor
Made of Quilted Maple, Cocobolo & Ebony Humidor

quilted humidor

quilted humidor
Quilted maple/ Ebony Humidor

Quilted maple and Rosewood Humidor


Tiger Maple Humidor

Fiddleback Western Walnut Humidor

Sapelle Pomelle Humidor

Quilted maple Humidor

Mahogany Humidor

Quilted Maple Humidor